Posted by: beachsideguy | January 23, 2009


If you get an rss from this site it might be awhile till you get another.  I’m going to move my posts to the Beachside blog.

I don’t have time for both. So with this new blog and the facebook deal – that’s enough for me.

See you on the other page…

Posted by: beachsideguy | January 16, 2009

Good Stuff Today

There are two exciting things today.

The first is that our new website is up. It’s not perfect yet but man it’s cool.

Also, I’ll be on the radio today (Friday Jan. 16th) . 1380am at 4:00 with Big John. It is secular talk radio and hopefully I can represent God and Beachside well. I’m sure to stir up some interest / controversy etc.

Don’t forget to check out the Facebook site. It’s a great connecting tool.

Posted by: beachsideguy | January 13, 2009


I’m getting tired of fighting with WordPress. The log in has become tedious and frustrating.

The best way to stay connected daily is Facebook. I tend to keep up with that more regularly.

I’ll continue to post some here but only the longer pieces. I prefer the conversation and brevity of Facebook – try it out.

Posted by: beachsideguy | January 7, 2009

I Dare You…

I am teaching a series about living a spiritual adventure, called The Great Chase.  From Mark Batterson’s book Wild Goose Chase there are at least 6 “cages” that keep us from this adventure.  This week I dealt with routine. Sunday I invited people to pray a certain prayer. I don’t have it word for word but I’ll attempt to get the idea across.

God save me from my sins. But also save me from my routine. Disrupt my rountine when I need it most.  Invade me with adventure.

It’s easy to pray this but much more difficult to live it.  Usually when God calls us to adventure the first response is – no, why me, I can’t – or some version of that.  But look at all the personalities in the Bible who were called and notice their response. God doesn’t need you to be good enough. He only needs you to be obedient.

Posted by: beachsideguy | December 30, 2008

Good Stuff

We are starting a new series this week.  It follows Mark Batterson’s book Wild Goose Chase.  We’ve ordered extra books so if you want to follow along or read ahead let me know.  Our series is titled “The Great Chase”.  Ultimately its about chasing after the Holy Spirit every day. If you want to check out his site you might get a better picture of where we are going with this.

Posted by: beachsideguy | December 29, 2008

locked out

I’ve been blocked from my own site and haven’t done an update. I’ve got lots to write in about but not today…

Posted by: beachsideguy | December 8, 2008

Struggle and Pain

Christie had a great blog post last week about pain. (She’s smart like that.) But I ran across this video that is a great suppliment to her thoughts.  Check it out on youtube.  It’s call Permission to Struggle.

Posted by: beachsideguy | December 5, 2008

another good blog

This is another great idea from an exceptional thinker.  If you don’t read her original you should.

Christie’s Blog

The Exchange –   is her great idea about sharing resources, mostly clothes.  But others may expand on this idea.  It’s an Acts 2 development.

Posted by: beachsideguy | December 3, 2008


I’m driven by “relevant” as a value, both personally and professionally.

My hope is that Beachside is relevant to the people who attend. But lately I’ve been wondering how is Beachside relevant? My hope is that the teaching is relevant. Everyone knows that the music is amazing and the sense of worship is apparent. But is that enough?

If you’ve attended any of our weekend gatherings consider describing how Beachside is, or can be, relevant to the stereotypical outsider. Another way of saying it… Does what we do matter to a non believer?

Posted by: beachsideguy | December 2, 2008

churches sharing?

I got an interesting comment suggesting that if local churches were to work together and even share resources it would help with their reputation.

Would it make a difference to the typical outsider to see churches sharing and working together?

If they did actually make this happen what could it look like?  I’ll be more specific. What would it look like – not doing christian entertainment for each other – but beyond that?

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